James Cash, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Technical Services (410) 767-7214 REGULATIONS It can also be challenging! ), Proof of income (recent pay stubs, benefit letters, etc. Then, volunteers must attend an orientation and, in some cases, complete online training that can be found on the Volunteer Training page. Kevin P. Guistwite, Executive Director (410) 767-7606 Please check your SPAM filter for correspondence. FY2023 appropriation: $25,461,302; authorized positions: 121 MONTGOMERY COUNTY OFFICE OF CHILD-SUPPORT With contagious hope and a non-partisan process, the widely respected health equity and policy expert . The CSEA is a valuable resource for: Locating the other parent Legally establishing paternity The excitement for children to return to school this year will be wonderful for so many students!! e-mail: migrfarm6@dhr.state.md.us. Fax Number: 410-561-1596: Main: 800-332-6347: Main Email Address: dhrhelp@dhr.state.md.us: e-mail: kevin.guistwite@maryland.gov Vacancy, Chief of Staff (410) 767-7365 Keel, Director (410) 844-7010; e-mail: lori.keel@maryland.gov Stephanie R. Hunt, Director (410) 767-7904 FY2023 appropriation: $14,941,388; authorized positions: 6 RISK MANAGEMENT To file a complaintagainst a program that you believe is violating a child care licensing law or regulation email licensingocc.msde@maryland.gov or contact a Regional Licensing Office. e-mail: kanimu.pembamoto@maryland.gov, OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS Thelma Smith, Assistant Director (410) 767-9670; e-mail: thelma.smith@maryland.gov, Search the Manual OFFICE OF LONG-TERM CARE e-mail: carnitra.white@maryland.gov Call for times and appointment. If you are currently experiencing homelessness and need resources or services you can contact the Coordinated Entry Screening line Monday Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm at 410-417-7260. For 35 years we have assisted elementary school children in low income families start the school year with the necessary supplies to be successful in school. Elected . e-mail: tenika.rawlings@maryland.gov [CDATA[ var GOVDSNIPPET = function() { var form = document.getElementById('GD-snippet-form'); var typeSelect = form.getElementsByTagName('select')[0]; var getStyleType = function(type) { return typeSelect.value === type ? Appointed by House Speaker: one vacancy, Jennifer L. Eastman, Chair (chosen by Governor), 2022. (N00I0006, formerly N00C0112, formerly Thomas T. Pyles, Chair, 2020 Vacancy, Director (410) 767-2513 e-mail: mdmanual@maryland.gov, Deenna Greene, Assistant Director (410) 767-5845; e-mail: deenna.greene@maryland.gov e-mail: don.downing@maryland.gov, STRATEGY & ADMINISTRATION web: http://dhr.maryland.gov/child-support-services/ To sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences, please enter your contact information below. FY2023 appropriation: $926,204; authorized positions: 9 FAMILY INVESTMENT ADMINISTRATION Information is available hereon the Basic Health and Safety Training webpage or email healthandsafetyocc.msde@maryland.gov. OFFICE OF PROGRAMS Candice M. Edwards, Director (410) 767-9677 The Prince George's County Office of Child Support Enforcement has been administered by State Government under the Child-Support Enforcement Administration since July 1, 2002 (Code Family Law Article, sec. e-mail: marie.mclendon1@maryland.gov ; Maria B. Menucci, M.D. e-mail: david.walton@maryland.gov web: http://dhr.maryland.gov/office-of-home-energy-programs/ BUREAU OF SPECIAL GRANTS BUREAU OF AUDIT COMPLIANCE & REPORTING NUTRITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Yolanda M. Dockery, Chief of Staff (410) 767-7670 Curtis J. Murray, Records Officer (410) 767-9671 Phone: 800-332-6347. OFFICE OF CONSTITUENT SERVICES Rachel Sledge, Acting Director (410) 767-8543 Linda B. Garnett-Lucas, Director (410) 767-6636; e-mail: linda.garnett-lucas@maryland.gov Vacancy, Director (410) 767-7710, OPERATIONS e-mail: george.varghese@maryland.gov, COOPERATIVE REIMBURSEMENT AGREEMENTS & LOCAL MONITORING OFFICE OF HOME ENERGY PROGRAMS BUREAU OF SPECIAL GRANTS Terry P. Scates, Assistant Inspector General (443) 378-4001 Expenditures from this fund are only for items and services not covered under any current Federal, State or County budgets. e-mail: erinm.easton@maryland.gov 100 Community Place, Crownsville, MD 21032. Towanaka Young, Director (410) 767-7933 LaBelle Hargrove, Director (410) 767-7328 e-mail: nneka.willis-gray@maryland.gov Kendra Jobe-Ogunshina, Assistant Chief (410) 767-6045 5285 See the CSA online child support calculator. Annapolis, MD 21401. Leslie K. Kleban, Director (410) 767-7311; e-mail: leslie.kleban@maryland.gov e-mail: candice.edwards3@maryland.gov e-mail: chima.nathan@maryland.gov, OFFICE OF PROGRAMS Jarnice Y. Johnson, Deputy Executive Director (410) 767-7886 AUDITS & QUALITY ASSURANCE Provide all available information on any non-custodial parent(s), Cooperate fully with Child Support Enforcement Agency and the States Attorneys Office, Prepares participants for independence through employment. Vacancy, Director (410) 767-7573 Write Us at: MD State Disbursement Unit, PO Box 17396, Baltimore, MD 21297-1396 301-392-6400 Fax: 301-870-3958 Email Address: charles.codss@maryland.gov Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Office of Child Support 200 Kent Avenue LaPlata, Maryland 20646 Charles County Department of Social Services Child Support Division Customer Service: 1-800-332-6347 Automated Customer Service & Payment Information: 1-844-324-3855 Beginning in July, well e-mail you the name of a child (ren) you can help. Please call 410-269-4460 for the location. e-mail: chianti.thomas@maryland.gov Don Downing, Manager (410) 767-7060 FY2023 appropriation: $195,979,668; authorized positions: 14 e-mail: suresh.nair1@maryland.gov, CHIEF OF STAFF New Child Support Hours: Effective 2-3-20 Monday - Thursday 8:30 am. (N00G00, formerly 33.07.00) Homeless services also include the coordination of the Annual Homeless Point In Time Survey and the Annual Homeless Assessment Report. web: http://news.dhr.maryland.gov/, COUNSEL Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express payments are accepted. http://goccp.maryland.gov/juveniles/childrens-justice-act-committee/, http://dhr.maryland.gov/citizens-review-board-for-children/, GOVERNOR'S COMMISSION ON MIGRATORY & SEASONAL FARM LABOR, TWO-GENERATION FAMILY ECONOMIC SECURITY COMMISSION, http://dhr.maryland.gov/maryland-commission-women/, http://dhr.maryland.gov/maryland-legal-services-program/, http://dhr.maryland.gov/child-support-services/, CUSTOMER SERVICE & PATERNITY AFFIDAVIT PROGRAM, COOPERATIVE REIMBURSEMENT AGREEMENTS & LOCAL MONITORING, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY OFFICE OF CHILD-SUPPORT, MONTGOMERY COUNTY OFFICE OF CHILD-SUPPORT, PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY OFFICE OF CHILD-SUPPORT, SPECIAL PROJECTS, GRANTS IMPLEMENTATION/MONITORING, & BALTIMORE CITY PROGRAMS, http://dhr.maryland.gov/weathering-tough-times/, BUREAU OF SYSTEMS MODERNIZATION & INFORMATION ANALYSIS, http://dhr.maryland.gov/office-of-home-energy-programs/, http://dhr.maryland.gov/maryland-office-for-refugees-and-asylees/, http://dhr.maryland.gov/office-of-adult-services/, https://dhs.maryland.gov/maryland-commission-caregiving/, PROTECTION, PREVENTION & PRESERVATION SERVICES, INTERSTATE COMPACT ON PLACEMENT OF CHILDREN, http://dhr.maryland.gov/other-services/interstate-compact-on-placement-of-children/, http://dhr.maryland.gov/adoption/search-contract-and-reunion/, MUTUAL-CONSENT VOLUNTARY ADOPTION REGISTRY, http://dhr.maryland.gov/adoption/search-contract-and-reunion/#MCVAR, OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING, Maryland Constitutional Offices & Agencies, Maryland Executive Commissions, Committees, Task Forces, & Advisory Boards, group home hotline: 1-866-718-5496 (toll free). e-mail: jarnice.johnson@maryland.gov OFFICE OF LICENSING & MONITORING Katherine A. Morris, Director (410) 767-8944; e-mail: katherine.morris@maryland.gov INTERGOVERNMENTAL PROGRAMS Division of Early Childhood - earlychildhood.msde@maryland.gov Leon Johnson, Chair (chosen by Governor) (410) 651-1358 Parents with children under 18. Results take 10-14 days. Department of Human Services, 311 West Saratoga St., Baltimore, Maryland, January 2002. e-mail: george.varghese@maryland.gov OFFICE OF TRAINING Curtis J. Murray, Deputy Chief (410) 767-9671; e-mail: curtis.murray1@maryland.gov 10-117). Leslie K. Kleban, Director (410) 767-7311; e-mail: leslie.kleban@maryland.gov, OPERATIONS Male mentors are especially needed. Vacancy, Director Contact CSA Contact CSA Call All questions and information updates (new address, employer, phone number or email address) can be directed to the toll-free DHS hotline at 1-800-332-6347. Fax: 410-638-8990. Photo by Diane F. Evartt. Curtis J. Murray, Records Officer (410) 767-9671 e-mail: curtis.murray@maryland.gov, RISK MANAGEMENT Appointed by Governor to 4-year terms: Katherine A. Tate, 2023; Neveen H. Kurtom, Esq., 2024. Kesha A. Shaw, Deputy Director (410) 455-7515 e-mail: george.varghese@maryland.gov e-mail: david.walton@maryland.gov David E. Beller, Principal Counsel (410) 767-7726; e-mail: david.beller@maryland.gov Maryland at a Glance e-mail: george.varghese@maryland.gov Katie Pederson, Manager (443) 835-5834 Appointed by Secretary of Juvenile Services: Ralph F. Jones, Jr. Box 17396 Baltimore, Maryland 21297-1396 Note: Please include the non-custodial parent's name, nine digit case number, or social security number on all remittances. e-mail: shernelle.crawford@maryland.gov OFFICE OF PROCUREMENT Many factors affect the amount of child support. Vacancy, Deputy Secretary for Operations (410) 767-7616 web: http://dhr.maryland.gov/office-of-home-energy-programs/ David Walton, Director (410) 767-7882 FY2023 appropriation: $3,141,873,084; authorized positions: 5,172.38 Tenika Rawlings, Director (410) 767-3193 FY2023 appropriation: $3,141,873,084; authorized positions: 5,172.38 OFFICE OF LONG-TERM CARE Curtis J. Murray, Deputy Chief (410) 767-9671; e-mail: curtis.murray1@maryland.gov Term expires 2019. e-mail: stephanier.hunt@maryland.gov Any other relationship, for example, cousin or great-aunt, will be considered as a non-relative information provider and must meet the above criteria. e-mail: marva.sutherland@maryland.gov e-mail: cynthia.shockey@maryland.gov FY2023 appropriation: $25,461,302; authorized positions: 121 Towanaka Young, Director (410) 767-7933 The department's customer service operation is managed by the Constituent Services Office. Chima I. Nathan, Director (410) 767-7669 This is a joint program between the Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services and the Anne Arundel County Public Schools. The Child Care Scholarship Program provides financial assistance with child care costs to families that meet applicable State or federal eligibility requirements. Robin Harvey, Director (410) 767-7447 OFFICE OF LEGAL SERVICES Christina D. Tabuteau, Deputy Executive Director (410) 767-7673 Saratoga State Center web: http://dhr.maryland.gov/child-support-services/ Appointed by Senate President: Jill P. Carter; Malcolm L. Augustine. Child Support Enforcement . web: https://dhs.maryland.gov/maryland-commission-caregiving/ Vacancy, Director (410) 767-5324 (N00G00, formerly 33.07.00) Referrals to this program are made by various county agency social workers or by contacting a Maryland Access Point (MAP) representative at 410-222-4257. Appointed by Governor to 3-year terms: Linda R. Ramsey. Monthly benefits depend on: Please Note: GROSS income is before taxes or anything else is taken out e-mail: towanaka.young@maryland.gov 4. FY2023 appropriation: $45,121,834; authorized positions: 64.3 POLICY & TRAINING e-mail: terrence.clegg@maryland.gov OFFICE OF HOME ENERGY PROGRAMS 1-800-332-6347 Dial 7-1-1 or 800-735-2258 to initiate a TTY call through Maryland Relay Wes Moore, Governor, Aruna Miller, Lt. e-mail: marva.sutherland@maryland.gov, BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIVE AUDIT Vonetta Martin, Manager (410) 767-7440 Christina D. Tabuteau, Deputy Executive Director (410) 767-7673 Jacqueline (Tina) Turner, Director (410) 767-7745 e-mail: kesha.shaw1@maryland.gov is the states primary social service provider, serving over one million people annually. Myat Lin, Director (410) 767-7571 Leslie K. Kleban, Director (410) 767-7311; e-mail: leslie.kleban@maryland.gov Early Learning Branch - early.learningbranchesmsde@maryland.gov New backpacks, notebooks, and school supplies! This web site is presented for reference purposes under the doctrine of fair use. Lynne M. Foss, Director (410) 222-2850; e-mail: lynne.foss@maryland.gov Share that memory by assisting a child who needs help getting ready for the next school year. LaSherra Ayala, Executive Director of Family Investment (410) 767-7949 Vacancy, Director (410) 767-7710 e-mail: denise.conway@maryland.gov, David K. Lee, Chief of Staff (410) 767-2324 Representative of Maryland State's Attorneys' Association: Karen A. Pilarski, Esq. Ryan H. Lancaster, Director (410) 767-7308 TECHNICAL SERVICES Payment will not be made until all documentation is received, all clearances are returned without any disqualifying events, and the provider has been approved by the Office of Child Care. BUREAU OF SYSTEMS MODERNIZATION & INFORMATION ANALYSIS Households must spend some of their own cash along with their Food Supplement benefits in order to buy enough food for the whole month. Mark S. Button, Director (410) 767-8368 Jarnice Y. Johnson, Deputy Executive Director (410) 767-7886 BALTIMORE CITY OFFICE OF CHILD-SUPPORT 5285 The Child Support Administration (CSA) has an online calculator that will estimate the amount of child support that the court may approve under current guidelines. Denise E. Wheeler, Administrator (410) 238-1320; fax: (410) 238-1395 Employee Benefits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Professionals: Join Child Support Network, Establishing paternity for children born out of wedlock, Establishing and enforcing child support orders, Distributing child support payments to families. Telephone the MD Child Support IPWS Customer Service Unit at 1-855-853-8289 during customer service hours. e-mail: daniel.wait@maryland.gov Tenika Rawlings, Director (410) 767-3193 e-mail: kesha.shaw1@maryland.gov, OFFICE OF MEDICAL ASSISTANCE Informal provider must be at least 18 years of age, Comprehensive health care insurance for aged, blind, and/or disabled adults and families with low income, Amount of coverage varies based on income, and assets for certain types of coverage, Families with unmarried children under 21 residing with parents, Receiving SSI, TCA, foster care benefits, or DJS (Juvenile Services). You can also remit your payment by the Maryland SDU Pay-By-Phone system. Food Supplement is only part of the households monthly food budget! There is no fee for this service. Terrence Clegg, Administrator (410) 767-7699 Vacancy, Director (410) 767-7573 Trained Representative Payee volunteers who have completed a thorough application and background check process commit to meeting with their clients on a monthly basis. 200 West Baltimore Street Margaret M. Hughes, Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Finance (410) 767-7417; e-mail: peggy.hughes@maryland.gov, BUDGET MANAGEMENT OFFICE OF MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Eligible households are issued an Independence Card, similar to a bank card, to use at the store. Dawn Delepenha-Boyer, Establishment Supervisor (N00I00, formerly 33.09.00) Rebecca Rice, Resource Parent Ombuds (410) 767-9672 Physical and Mailing Addresses *PLEASE NOTE: These addresses are for Child Support locations and mailings. 5285 311 West Saratoga Street, Room 301 Have a question about another topic? 200 W. Baltimore Street 7th Floor Provider must successfully pass a Health and Safety exam, Home of the child must be inspected annually and pass the Health and Safety Monitoring. Myat Lin, Director (410) 767-7571 Maryland Constitutional Offices & Agencies Rights assessment, and full originating source citation, is the responsibility of the user. FY2023 appropriation: $45,121,834; authorized positions: 64.3 SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT & OPERATIONS Leslie K. Kleban, Director (410) 767-7311; e-mail: leslie.kleban@maryland.gov BUREAU OF SYSTEMS MODERNIZATION & INFORMATION ANALYSIS web: http://dhr.maryland.gov/maryland-office-for-refugees-and-asylees/ George K. Varghese, Director (410) 767-7877 Yun Jung Yang, Esq., Chair (chosen by Commission in July, 2-year term), 2023 INTERGOVERNMENTAL PROGRAMS Limited transportation to providers of covered services, Home health services, physical therapy, personal care services, Proof of identity (drivers license, Maryland ID card, etc. web: http://dhr.maryland.gov/maryland-office-for-refugees-and-asylees/ e-mail: ryan.lancaster1@maryland.gov Stephanie R. Hunt, Director (410) 767-7904 e-mail: mike.demidenko@maryland.gov, MARYLAND COMMISSION ON CAREGIVING Lori A. If you would like more information about genetic testing, please call the Maryland Child Support Administration at 1(800) 332-6347. You can apply for Medical Assistance even if you have: You can apply for Medical Assistance to cover medical bills for the 3 months prior to the month of your Medical Assistance application (retroactive coverage) if you have outstanding medical expenses. David Walton, Director (410) 767-7882 The mentors act as positive role models providing guidance and support. Erin M. Easton, Chief of Staff (410) 767-9679 (N00E01) CHILD SUPPORT ADMINISTRATION There will be several electronic options available: Please call the Customer Service number for more information, or any of our partner agencies listed below for more information on the enforcement or establishment of your case. Vacancy, Division Director The request should include the case name, OAH case number, hearing date, the reason for the postponement request, a telephone number where the requestor can be contacted Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. You must provide documentation of the reasons for your postponement request. Cynthia E. Smith, Deputy Chief (410) 767-8950; e-mail: cynthia.smith1@maryland.gov (N00E0102) GOVERNOR'S COMMISSION ON MIGRATORY & SEASONAL FARM LABOR (NOOF0002 & NOOF0004, formerly COMMISSION ON TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE The Department, through its 24 local departments of social services, aggressively pursues opportunities to assist people in economic need, provide preventive services, and protect vulnerable children and adults in each of Marylands 23 counties and Baltimore City. web: http://dhr.maryland.gov/adoption/search-contract-and-reunion/#MCVAR Deenna Greene, Assistant Director (410) 767-5845; e-mail: deenna.greene@maryland.gov The CSA calculator does not reflect deviations and adjustments a court may allow. e-mail: william.niner@maryland.gov Mentors are trained to work one-on-one and in-group settings with children in a structured year-long relationship. Correspondence should still be sent directly to your local agency. Maran Taylor, Deputy Director (410) 767-7458; e-mail: maran.taylor@maryland.gov, OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS (N00E01) IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING NOTICES SENT TO STATE CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES THAT PERMIT NOTICE BY EMAIL: Except as otherwise provided by state law or regulation, you should redact the first five digits of the debtor's social security number.